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HR & Staffing Transformation for Entrepreneurs

We support and teach digital entrepreneurs and startups how to attract, hire, train and lead a succeeding team.

HR & Staffing Transformation


I am teaching Entreprepreneurs, StartUps and Small Businesses how to attract, hire, train and lead with professionalism and confidence so they can be the entrepreneurs they are meant to be, their business can grow and their teams can thrive.

NKR is ready for your business to grow. Are you? Our solutions are clear and effective:

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#WeShowYouHow #StepByStep

From the development of staffing plans, creation of hiring structures and processes and the selection of the right interview questions that help you hire the ideal candidate the first time, to teaching you how to effectively and productively onboard your new team members to long term development plans and performances reviews.

We help you structure, attract, train and lead.  We even make sure you navigate easily through the sometimes-tough waters of being a leader and/or business owner vice a manager and help you learn to hold team members accountable.

At the business-crucial intersection of any business where staffing & recruitment, leadership, marketing, communication and problem solving meet - this is where we will meet you and help you turn your passion and expertise into growth, confidence and profit!

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#TailoredRecruitmentSolutions #CustomTailoredTraining

You are an entrepreneur, startup or small business owner who quickly needs results with no time or expertise to do it all yourself?

Or you run your own recruitment service or staffing agency but business is not going as expected? The structure is missing and you are struggling with business development or your own recruitment?

Every business owner wants to have time to do it all but we often realize when it is almost too late that we can not do it all ourselves. As your business develops you will have less time for the tasks outside of your zone of genius - and this is where we come in.

So stop wasting time and contact Nina immediately.

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#RecruitmentHotline #CallRecruitment911

You have questions but your business is too small for an HR person? If your question is staffing related - NKR can help.

So stop trying to google for answers or ideas on how to proceed. Stop feeling stuck because you are unsure which next steps you should take. Stop letting these things distract you from running your business and life - call us and benefit from NKR’s experience.

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NKR’s pre-formatted recruitment template and guide sets.

Each template sets consists of plug-and-play templates and a guide book, so all the work has been done for you. Depending on the individual topic some sets include audio or video recordings in addition to the templates and guide book.

Template topics launching soon include: Job Descriptions | Application Management | Conducting Interviews | Onboarding