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I need Career Transformation

We help professionals and expats transform their jobs into profitable careers they love.

Career Transformation.



We are committed to your success. Are you?

Our method is clear and effective:

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  • We will help you to discover, define and create your personal professional recipe for success.

  • Together we will define what a fulfilling and meaningful career looks like to you and what that means for your next career moves.

  • Tough Love - we look at the true causes of your job dissatisfaction to make sure you do not get dissatisfied at the same point in your next job.


  • Expert guidance - we show you how you use your career vision to plan your goals and define a flexible career strategy.

  • We offer our expertise and insider know-how to select the best approaches, tools and tactics specifically tailored to you.

  • Learn to fully use and strategically develop your network so that it will benefit you in the future, no matter which path you choose to take.

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  • NKR helps you to successfully implement your customized career action plan, step by step, to the point of achieving your goals.

  • Together we will define your professional value proposition and your personal brand.

  • We make sure you have the most relevant Cover Letter, CV, LinkedIN profile that truly represents you, and that we step up your interviewing know-how.

The NKR 3-Step Plan transforms expertise and experience into professional growth, profit & job satisfaction.

Tailored career support & advice starts here!

What exactly is it that you need?

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Whether as a DACH expat, who plays with the idea of returning to Germany, Austria or Switzerland but after several years abroad has the feeling of not being able to find the connection to the local labor market and / or does not know how to use the professional experience gained abroad to his/her advantage.

Or as a future expat in the DACH region, who would like to start a career in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or generally Europe as a next step but is not familiar with the local applications, expectations, procedures and manners.

We advise and support both sides in securing a confident, optimal and successful professional (re-) entry into the German-speaking labor market.

Our mix of insider-industry HR knowledge, best practices from our domestic and international clients, as well as our own international work experience ensures optimal advice while looking for a job.

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You have graduated, are close to it or in the middle of the last internship.

But what now, what's next?

You have the technical foundation but feel insecure if your knowledge is enough for the successful and passionate job entry you wish for. What about the so-called "SOFT SKILLS"? How do you best show your competences? Do you need a personal branding as a beginner? What awaits you as a leader? How can you catapult yourself from being an applicant to a serious candidate throughout the application process and how do you move from being the serious contender to getting the job?

Questions over questions that we will answer for you.


From 4+ years of professional experience to mid-management.

The thought "that cannot have been everything" is on your mind. Although you have been thinking for a long time about changing your job situation, you have not taken true action.

You know what you are made of and capable of, but you do not have the right application strategy ready or you do not know how to articulate your skills and knowhow into your application documents.

You want a job that suits you and your current life situation but do not know where to start, how to find it and the plan to get it.

We will help you. Step by step, all the way to the fulfilled job.