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What Clients Have To Say

Nina’s expert insight, knowledge, commitment and entrepreneurial understanding has been instrumental to the success of our business and platform, a global IT freelance marketplace.
Nina is highly competent; she was committed to the project’s success and works highly effectively as a Senior Business Consultant. Nina is extremely reliable, proactive and works in close collaboration with Clients to provide the perfect solution.
Nina´s work is simply exceptional. I would definitely re-hire her services at anytime.
— Zakeer Mohamad, Zurich | Creator & Founder IPROPAL.COM
Nina is the type of HR consultant that you would consider a true professional in the purest sense! She is incredibly resourceful and flexible. Her work ethic is exemplary! Her support has been crucial to the project and will be of great value in the future! 5/5 - everything excellent!! Highly recommended!
— Mr. T. Damke | Financial Management & Profitability Expert , Ecuador

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Nina, we significantly improved our efficiency and staffing business structure due to your guidance and professional insight! Thank you!!
— Founders Team | OneScource Staffing Belgium & Netherlands
When another entrepreneurial friend referred me to Nina, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My business was growing, and I needed more staff - a real team, not just workers I quickly hired out of desperation and I needed a plan to hire, measure my team’s success and lead...not just manage. After only two one-hour video-calls with her I had a clear plan and strategy. She knew to ask the right questions, helped my see the forest instead of just the trees and mapped out how I could create a vibrant workplace and having structured processes in place. Two weeks and another call later we had implemented key steps and I was in the middle of hiring an amazing team. Knowing I have Nina “on-call” as my business- and HR -consigliere / -coach / -department is fantastic.
— Leena Marhitza | Owner Hatty Holistic Coaching
Nina is a true professional and has done an outstanding job supporting me during my career change process. Her work is absolutely high quality and worth every penny. She has given me many tips along the way for the application process. She really cares about her clients to be hugely successful. Thank you, Nina!
— Michela Philippi, New York | German Expat relocating back to Germany
Improving things from 0 to 6 or even 7 on a scale from 1 to 10 is mostly obvious; many decent consultants or coaches can manage that. But seeing the gaps and opportunities, reading between the lines to get a 7 to become a 10 is a true mastery. Nina is a professional who doesn’t take business as usual, and whose meticulous attitude and expertise significantly enhanced the presentation of my professional experience, skills and knowhow. Thank you so much, and wishing to work with you in future.
— Natalia Giovanoli, Germany | Head of Digital Marketing Europe for a German IT-B2B Systems Integrator
Nina Roberts assisted me by guiding us through some structural business changes and a tendering process. I learned a tremendous amount, both professionally and even personally. Nina always made sure she fully understood our business and visions and acted accordingly. I was wow’ed by her strong systematic approach and strategy, followed by a professional implementation process.
Working with Nina was another important step in my professional and personal development.
My expectation were surpassed by far!
— Claudia Wehling, Niederjosbach, Germany | Owner TWM Montage & Logictics
Exceptional quality of work and high level of professionalism. Nina is an expert, an HR professional who knows the market very well and able to provide real insights. I would definitely remain in touch with her and recommend her for those who seek real progress. Thank you, Nina.
— Mohammed Hosney | Engineer, Senior Management Energy Expert, Expat | Germany