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About NKR

Nina K. Roberts and her team help professionals, entrepreneurs and startups to use HR as a successful secret weapon for growth and profit.


Your success is our mission! Turning passion and expertise into growth and profit!

2015: NKR HR Consulting Services was founded in Germany by Nina K. Roberts, with an initial focus on job application training and career counseling. It quickly became apparent that there was a significant demand and need for consulting in HR staffing and training the skills of recruiting and talent management for established entrepreneurs and start-ups that did not have their own HR department or in-house expertise.

Today: Both divisions, Career and Business, operate independently from each other, but side by side, often hand in hand with great international success. NKR Consulting has become the secret recipe when it comes to the HR and career needs of entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

The NKR Consulting Business Division focuses its services and team primarily on the very specific HR and business structure needs of international solo entrepreneurs, StartUps and smaller owner-managed companies from the creative and digital environment.

By contrast, the Career Division of NKR focuses on boutique career coaching and job application consulting for professionals who want to succeed and catapult their careers to the next level.



No matter if in Business or Career - Your success is our mission!

Helping You Turn Expertise & Passion into Growth & Profit!

Nina K. Roberts #FemaleFounder


Nina K. Roberts

Founder NKR HR Consulting

Nina K. Roberts grew up in Germany and studied interior design in London. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking was not only put in her cradle, but she has been learning it from scratch since elementary school, spending vast amounts of her childhood time in her mother's personnel and event marketing agencies. While others were playing with dolls after school, Nina listened to staff trainings, sales pitches and board meetings.

After more than 16 successful years in human resources and recruiting management, as a former board member of a digital trading platform and a recruitment expert for several Fortune 500 companies Nina felt that it was time to leave the corporate world to be able to offer proven HR solutions with a more holistic approach.

Today, Nina K. Roberts and her team help professionals, entrepreneurs and startups to use HR as a successful secret weapon for growth and profit:

Our clients are located in metropolises such as Zurich, Dubai, Vienna & D.C. as well as in tiny villages that no one has heard of before, but from which our clients create something unique with their daily work - whether from their home office with a completely virtual team

Recruitment, staff selection, onboarding, as well as the selection of the right employer and the actual application process: everything has become more technical, transparent and digital, but at the same time the importance of the personal, social component is growing more and more in all these areas. Trying to find the perfect mixture between the two and staying on top of latest trends and expectations isn’t always easy for Professionals and Businesses alike.

We at NKR have made it our mission to help entrepreneurs and professionals to not only navigate their way around this successfully and to find the best personal HR strategy for their company or career path, but to use our staffing insider knowledge, committed passion and vast knowhow to transform our customers expertise and vision into growth, profit and excitement!“

Nina continues to passionately run Career Care, as well as a new online Career Development Platform focused on career development. Meanwhile, under the name Frä, it focuses on people who want to redefine their careers for themselves and want to take their professional success into their own hands, whether as an entrepreneur or as an employee!


Also the Fraulein Karriere aka Miss Career podcast is in the starting blocks. Under the motto: Real People, Real Discussions and Real (unusual but very successful) Career Paths, the podcast focuses on bringing people closer to exceptional careers and career paths, and showing that the dream career is not just possible, but within their reach by providing guidance and a concrete plan to succeed.

Fraulein Karriere Radio #podcast

The podcast that shows you how to use your untapped career potential!